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Bridge Inspection

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Dawood’s staff has experience in and maintains certifications that meet today’s needs for bridge safety inspections. This experience includes routine and in-depth structural inspections and reports for bridges and sign structures.

Dawood’s Certified Bridge Safety Inspectors (CBSI) have extensive experience with routine, in-depth, damage,and specialized inspections, as well as managing multi-year National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) inspection contracts.Dawood personnel’s experience with in-depth inspections includes dye-penetrant testing, concrete sampling for chloride content, hands-on concrete sounding, and deck chain-dragging. Their experience also includes work with snooper trucks, high-lifts, and traffic control contractors to maintain the safety of the traveling public.

Dawood’s structures/bridge-related inspection experience includes the following structure types:

  • Multi-Span Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structures
  • Steel Multi-Girder Structures
  • Steel Girder-Floorbeam-Stringer Bridges
  • Steel Deck Girder Bridges
  • Steel Pony Trusses & Thru Trusses
  • Covered Bridges (Burr-Arch Truss)
  • Stone Masonry Arch Structures
  • Concrete Tied-Arch Culverts
  • Concrete Box Culverts
  • Sign Structures
  • Retaining Walls

Bridge Inspection Related Projects