Geographic Information Systems Services

Dawood provides Geographic Information System (GIS) services in all of our service areas. GIS integrates hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced data.  Dawood’s GIS Certified Professionals and Specialists are able to visualize project data and then answer questions and solve problems from a spatial perspective.  Spatial analysis can involve overlay and proximity studies, surface analysis and statistical analysis. GIS provides the ability for studying environmental and cultural impacts, corridor analysis and constructability evaluations all from a desktop environment.  Various criteria can be evaluated such as elevation, slope and geology for determining the best site location prior to boots hitting the ground.

The power of GIS becomes apparent when managing, analysis and displaying all forms of geographically referenced data. By incorporating GIS procedures developed by Dawood, we were able to trim at least “two weeks’ time for every five miles” of pipeline deliverables for an energy client.

GIS Services:

  • Create custom Story Maps and Operations Dashboards
  • Data inventory using Esri’s mobile app
  • Data management
  • Site Location and viewshed analysis
  • Custom, web-based hosting and mapping
  • Data conversion and analysis
  • Utility base mapping
  • Feasibility studies / Corridor selection
  • Custom mapping, exhibits, and map books
  • Asset management
  • Geohazard analysis
  • Geoprocessing automation with Python
  • CAD / GIS Integration
  • Impact calculations

GIS serves as a data liaison between departments and ensures data integrity and quality assurance, which is vital with the integration of various softwares such as CAD and GIS. In addition, GIS is used in day-to-day operations to enhance project efficiencies, as well as support business decisions. Dawood’s GIS staff includes an ESRI certified ArcGIS Desktop Professional and a certified GIS Professional (GISP).

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