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Production and Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well Pad Development

Salt Water Disposal Well is used for the purpose of injecting produced water deep underground into porous rock formations, such as sandstone or limestone, or below the shallow soil layer. The fluid could be water, wastewater, brine (salt water) or mixed with chemicals. An injection well is defined as being bored, drilled or driven shaft. Well construction varies depending on the fluid being injected and the depth of the injection zone. Deep wells are generally designed to inject hazardous waste or carbon dioxide deep below the earth’s surface. The well would consist of multiple layers of protective casing and cement. Whereas shallow wells are used for the injection of non-hazardous fluid into or above the drinking water aquifers. This type of well is less complex in design and construction.

The professional design team at Dawood Engineering has the expertise to ensure the Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well are designed in compliance with Federal, State and Local rules/regulations and site specific permitting requirements. 3-D model design will be developed with facility layout for client review, which allow the design team see the clearances and interference between objects such as equipment, piping, building elements, and topographic surfaces.  Any potential problems can be discovered and addressed in the design process and fixed.  Accurate fabrication drawings can be produced based on the client approved final design.

Thanks to the extensive experience of the design team at Dawood Engineering, Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Well will be designed with best industry practice to meet various regulatory requirements.

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