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Oil & Gas Producing and Processing Facilities

An oil production plant is a facility which performs processing of production fluids from oil wells in order to separate components and prepare them for transportation. Typical production fluids are a mixture of oil, gas, and produced water.  Many well site have production facilities while others require exporting raw fluids to nearby production facilities by pipeline, tanker trucks, railcars, and by tanker ships.

Processing typically begins after the production wing valve on the oil well.  Product from each well is piped through the choke valve, which regulates the rate of flow. The flowlines are gathered at inlet manifolds usually located in gathering stations and routed to a separator which separator the fluid into three components oil, gas and produced water. At this point the oil is generally routed to a coalescent filter before moving through meter stations and pumped into pipelines or transported to storage terminals.

The professional design team at Dawood Engineering has the expertise to ensure the producing and processing facilities are designed in compliance with Federal, State and Local rules/regulations and site specific permitting requirements. 3-D model design will be developed with the facility layout for client review, which allows the design team to visualize clearances and potential interferences between objects such as equipment, piping, building elements, and topographic surfaces.  Any potential problems can then be discovered and addressed in the design process.  Accurate fabrication drawings can be produced based on the client approved final design.

Thanks to the extensive experience of the design team at Dawood Engineering, Producing and Processing Facilities will be designed with best industry practice to meet various regulatory requirements.

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