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Compressor and Pump Stations

Compressor stations are critical for the movement of natural gas and are used to powers the gas through the pipeline.  Additionally, equipment at the compressor station may be used to separate and filter out liquids and dirt as well as other impurities through the use of slug catchers and filter separators.  Compressors are typically equipped with recycle lines to accommodate the possible flow fluctuations. Dehydration units may be required to control the moisture content to meet the pipeline specification.

The professional design team at Dawood Engineering has the expertise to ensure the compressor stations are designed in compliance with Federal, State and Local rules/regulations and site specific permitting requirements. 3-D model design will be developed with the facility layout for client review, which allows the design team to visualize clearances and potential interferences between objects such as equipment, piping, building elements, and topographic surfaces.  Any potential problems can then be discovered and addressed in the design process.  Accurate fabrication drawings can be produced based on the client approved final design.

Thanks to the extensive experience of the design team at Dawood Engineering, Compressor Stations will be designed with best industry practice to meet various regulatory requirements.

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