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Well Pad Design and Permitting for Natural Gas Exploration

Well Pad

Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Dawood provided services to design, permit, and construct a well pad and associated access drive in Bradford County, PA. At the request of the client, Dawood worked closely with the landowner to provide a design that maintained a forested buffer between the landowners dwelling and the proposed construction. The overall project site consisted of over 25 acres of disturbance with bulk cut and fill quantities in excess of 125,000 yds. Dawood provided the construction stakeout and as-built survey for the 120,000 sq.ft. drilling pad and the almost half mile long access road.

Dawood also provided the following:

  • Regulated Waters and Wetland Investigation Analysis, which resulted in the locating of two (2) streams and seven (7) separate wetland features
  • Prepared, submitted and received the approval of the PADEP of the expedited ESCGP-1 permit application package
  • Prepared, submitted and received the approval of PADEP of the Well Location plat for 3 wells to be drilled from this pad

The 2:1 cut slope incorporated three rock lined benches and the 3:1 fill slope two rock lined benches, all in an effort to help control the erosion from the site and slow the velocity of the storm water runoff from the slopes. A total of 9 access drive relief culverts, 11 rock level spreaders and 5 compost sock sediment traps were also utilized to reduce the soil erosion from this site.

Note: This site was designed and built prior to the enactment of the Act 13 requirements.

Services Provided:

  • Well Pad Design
  • E&S Control Plans
  • Wetland Investigation
  • Permitting
  • Surveying