Talarico FEMA Community Site Tunkhannock Township, Wyoming County, PA | Dawood Engineering Inc.

Talarico FEMA Community Site Tunkhannock Township, Wyoming County, PA

The September 2011 Floods wreaked havoc on our communities and neighbors in the Northern Tier. The aftermath from the flooding and returning to a sense of normalcy for these communities will be a work in progress for many years. As part of the relief effort, Dawood was approached to assist FEMA and Sullivan Interests to design a community site in Wyoming County that would house families displaced by the flood.

The biggest challenge was the commitment needed to complete all the design work in a very short turnaround time. The work involved the design and layout of the community, which consisted of 52 mobile home units. Dawood completed the site assessment and conceptual layout in 24 hours, 50% of the design in 48 hours, and contract documents were construction ready in 72 hours. The design for these units involved the layout for the 52 units, street access, utilities (water, sewer, power, and communications) to each unit, and coordination through all local and state permit/approvals.

“When tasked with designing an entirely new neighborhood (FEMA Community Site) to house victims from the floods associated with Hurricane Irene in the Fall of 2011, we sought an engineering firm that not only had the local
knowledge required to design such as site, but also a company that had the ability to handle such a time sensitive project. Dawood fit the bill for us and did a fantastic job. In a matter of 48 hours, 75% of the design was complete and available for us to critique. 24 hours later, the engineering was complete and the site was available for construction. A project that normally would take 6 weeks to design, Dawood completed in less than 5 days. Not only was Dawood timely in their completion of the project, the plans were fantastic and required no major revisions. I would certainly use Dawood again in the future.” Billy Sullivan, Sullivan Interests

Services Provided:

  • Final Design
  • Layout of community, access and utilities
  • Permitting