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SR 0083, Section 025 – “Dead Man’s Curve” York County, PA

SR 83-025 Powder MillThis 1.7-mile, $58 million dollar project included the realignment of a severe curve near the intersection of SR 3036  (SR 0083 Business) and SR 0083, an area nicknamed “Dead Man’s Curve” because of the high number of traffic incidents at the site. The project  received a National Partnership for Highway Quality (NPHQ)  2007 National Achievement Award (Gold Level Winner).  





Dawood’s staff was responsible for the design of multiple structures  along SR 3036, Section 025, in York County, including the following:

  • SR 3036 over Powder Mill Road, a two-span dual I-beam bridge;
  • SR 3036 over SR 3001 (South George Street), a single-span spread box beam bridge;
  • SR 3036 over T-325 (Tri Hill Road), a three-span steel rolled beam bridge rehabilitation;
  • SR 0083, Ramp G and Ramp H over Tyler Run, an 8×5-squarefoot prestressed box culvert rehabilitation and extension;
  • SR 3036, a 1,919-foot moment slab with sound barrier attached;
  • SR 0083, a 543-foot offset sound barrier wall;
  • SR 0083, a 255-foot offset sound barrier wall; and
  • Ramp E, a 257-foot offset sound barrier retaining wall.

Dawood’s staff also completed in-depth inspections of the existing bridges and prepared Bridge Engineering Reports.

Services provided:

Bride Design

Bridge Inspection