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PWD Germantown Flood Relief

Dawood’s GIS team has been involved in the Philadelphia Water Department’s Storm Relief and Flooding Mitigation project for the Germantown area of Philadelphia being led by Jacobs. Dawood’s team has created automated geoprocessing workflows for use in the computer modeling of the Winghocking sewer system. This was in support of a hydrologic analysis of the sewer system to better understand the base of basement flooding. In addition, Dawood’s GIS team is supporting the final stages of this project by creating various figures and exhibits representing alternative solutions and geotechnical investigations.

Dawood’s GIS team has and continues to provide support to the project team by creating a web-based mapping which serves as a central repository of project specific data highlighting the alternatives being proposed to remedy the basement flooding occurring. In addition, geotechnical desktop evaluations and figures are conducted in GIS. The GIS team has also digitized historic bore logs to provide subsurface depths for the project area.

Dawood assisted in the analysis by creating python scripts to automate portions of the overall process. This hydrologic and hydraulic analysis established baseline models to simulate the baseline conditions and develop mitigation options.