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Above Ground Storage Tank Compliance

In November of 2014, the state of West Virginia enacted the “Above Ground Storage Tank Act,” which required inspection and certifications of all above ground tanks. In response, Dawood assembled a multi-disciplinary approach to complete inspections for a large oil and gas client required to comply with this new legislation by December 31, 2014.

Performing on a compressed two-month schedule, Dawood completed field inspections and issued “Fit for Service” certifications for approximately 1,600 tanks located throughout West Virginia. Due to the remote locations of the tanks and lack of data, Dawood had to overcome both logistical and access challenges while creating transparency for the client.

To complete this task, Dawood created an on-line Geographic Information System (GIS) project management tool. This interactive tool served as an interface to visualize and track the data collection and monitor progress. Hosting the data in a GIS platform enabled Dawood to automate figure generation, which expedited quality control reviews and offered real time access to data collection efforts for the client. An additional benefit of the dynamic system was the ability to generate visuals of aerial photograph-based figures in a fraction of the time compared to an un-automated approach.

To expedite data collection, Dawood created a Global Positioning Information (GPS) based checklist for field crews to upload the geo-referenced data on a daily basis. Dawood staff worked closely with regulatory agencies and the client to ensure that the checklist was compliant with WVDEP, API, and STI protocols for interim/visual inspections.
The online system expedited approval for the certifying professionals to review the site data and, based upon the new regulatory requirements, issue a “Fit for Service” or “Not Fit for Service” certification for each tank. Dawood’ staff prepared maintenance items with each certification to provide best management practices for future tank maintenance.