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Compressor Facility Foundation Design

Compressor Facitily FoundationDawood provides foundation design for a variety of industries including commercial, industrial, transportation and oil and gas. Due to this varied background, our structural engineers understand the importance of proper analysis and design. We approach each project with the goal to ensure structural integrity, while improving function.

In 2014, Dawood completed emergency engineering services at various compressor stations in the northern tier of Pennsylvania. The work involved both remediation and new foundation work and required geotechnical analysis and structural design due to imminent failure or differential settlement at these locations.

The emergency design services required immediate structural analysis to prevent the failure of equipment, which could have resulted in damage to the buildings, equipment or perhaps the catastrophic rupture of attached gas lines. Dawood expedited the review and design for one particular structure where the foundation had lost over 50% of the bearing area. Dawood’s professional engineers prepared a new foundation design that was considerate of the local geotechnical conditions. The foundation design included toe walls around the perimeter that were bearing on competent material. The final design gave the client the assurance that their facility would rest on a stable foundation that will provide a long service life for the equipment.


Foundation Design For:
Compressor Buildings
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