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Compressor Facility Engineering & Maintenance Services – Appalachian Basin

Compressor Facility Engineering & Maintenance ServicesDawood completed engineering and maintenance services for a major midstream company in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio. This work was critical for the client to meet Process Safety Management (PSM) and Asset Management objectives. To meet expedited schedule completion demands, Dawood staff delivered CAD work both in the field and in the office, which ultimately proved cost effective and time efficient.
The project involved twenty compressor facilities and interconnects and required a diverse team of electrical and mechanical engineers along with technicians to collect equipment data on valves, tanks, vessels, controls, skids, pumps, compressors and similar station equipment. Dawood gathered all required data and created load sheets, which in turn were inputted into the client’s Automated Maintenance Management System (AMMS).
Dawood also prepared redlined drawings or created new drawings for existing process and instrumentation (P&ID) drawings. Final P&IDs were prepared in AutoCAD Plant 3D and verified through a strict quality control/quality assurance process. At the request of the local plant management, Dawood created documentation protocols through the placement of temporary or permanent tags for all equipment at each site.

Services Provided:

New or revised process and instrumentation diagrams in AutoCAD Plant 3D & P&ID.

Comprehensive equipment and component data gathering for AMMS implementation.

Permanent or temporary tagging for PSM