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Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) Grant

Troy Borough ARLE Grant

Dawood assisted Troy Borough in applying for an Automated Red Light Enforcement (ARLE) grant through the PA Department of Transportation to put towards solutions to some of the problems caused by increased traffic related to Marcellus Shale exploration activity. In March 2012, Troy Borough was notified that it will receive $190,000 from the ARLE grant program. The Borough plans to use the ARLE funds to replace the existing span wire mounted traffic signals at the intersection of State Route 6 (Main Street) and State Route 14 (Canton Street) with standard traffic signal supports and mast arms. The new traffic signals will also include LED signal heads with backplates, video detection, emergency vehicle preemption, optimized traffic signal timings, and a new base mounted controller cabinet. The pedestrian accommodations at this intersection will also be enhanced with new crosswalks, countdown pedestrian signals and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps and pedestrian pushbuttons.

Services Provided:

  • Grant Funding Assistance

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic Signal Design