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120 Mile Pipeline Project

120 Mile PipelineNorthern West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania

Dawood is working for a pipeline contractor during construction of a major pipeline covering 120 miles through Northern West Virginia and Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our team provides site reviews to verify OSHA compliance and to determine excavation stability. One site consisted of a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) operation below a state roadway in Marion County, West Virginia.

Dawood reviewed the excavation performed to date and provided recommendations on the geometry of the slopes to ensure compliance with OSHA standards.

Our team also performed slope stability analysis and excavation review at an additional HDD site in Greene County, Pennsylvania. Dawood was contacted to verify the stability of a fill slope constructed during the initial excavation performed to access the HDD site. We analyzed the slope’s stability during a 100-year flood event. Upon completion of the excavation for the HDD project, Dawood was called back to the site to verify the excavation compliance with OSHA regulations. We helped the client ensure safe, successful operations. The HDD excavation remained open for 3 weeks with no stability issues, keeping the project moving forward.