Bickel’s Snack Foods Wastewater Treatment Operation on Zinn Quarry Road

Dawood developed a unique treatment system design and operation for wastewater treatment that involved mechanical separation, chemical treatment, and a dissolved air floatation (DAF) system for the removal of FOG, TSS, and BOD. Due to significant financial restraints, the team worked to procure and install refurbished and new treatment equipment. The treatment equipment focused on oil removal and properly treating their wastewater to lower the TSS and BOD. The DAF system additions included a polymer mixing unit, chemical feeding systems, floating floc recovery, sludge handling, and multiple integrated control panels for all the related equipment. As the treatment equipment was installed, Dawood resolved multiple challenges for the contractor arising from sourcing of equipment and the desire to control costs. Dawood worked with multiple chemical suppliers and conducted jar tests to optimize the DAF performance and find a cost-effective chemical treatment regime. Dawood also prepared daily operational procedures (SOPs) for wastewater treatment at this facility and trained the operators.

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  • Treatment Design/Construction Oversight,
  • New and Used Equipment Procurement,
  • System Startup and Operation Training,
  • Jar Testing,
  • Chemical Selection and Cost Reductions