NEURISA Day 2020 – Making a Difference in your Community

NEURISA Day 2020 is about community. This year’s conference aims to cross geographic boundaries and bring the geospatial community together for one common goal, to make a difference in our communities.  We have brought together influential leaders from our geographic community to discuss topics such as education, social justice, data ethics, climate change, and more. To further our President’s vision for 2020, we are also launching the exploration phase of a new education initiative to better understand what the GIS Professional Community can do to support both K-12 and college education. In addition, attendees at NEURISA Day will have the opportunity to attend a URISA-Certified workshop geared towards communities and participate in a live volunteer mission with the GISCorp and to begin making a difference in our community using GIS immediately.

“One of the things that I’m most passionate about this year is our partnership with Esri and National Geographic. National Geographic has a new goal of having at least 1 million teachers who are GIS literate in the next five years and to reach 25 million students worldwide. We are launching a new initiative to respond to this challenge and feel that the GIS Professional Community can be the bridge between these amazing resources and the educators who are implementing them.” – Jodie Gosselin, GISP