Energy Services: Trends and Innovations

Did you know that Dawood Engineering, Inc. manages energy and utility projects with major oil and gas and utility companies throughout the United States?  We do, and we are growing in these areas!

There are many transitions occurring in these markets and records for production, demand, and generation mix are continuously being broken.  With Energy Awareness Month approaching in October, we would like to focus on the energy market and the initiatives Dawood is taking to address these momentous times.

Among the trends are:

  • Natural gas continues to be the major source of electricity production in the US at 38% in 2019. On July 27, 2020 a daily record high of 47.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas was consumed by electric power plants.
  • In Q2 2020, the US saw the industry’s second-largest deployment of energy storage at 168 megawatts, out-paced only by Q4 2019 results. Although still small, renewables plus storage are taking a larger share of resource planning at the expense of natural gas – a trend that is expected to continue as the cost of storage continues to decline. Storage at substations is being used to improve reliability.
  • With oil demand dropping by 25% from December 2019 to April 2020, oil & gas companies who had begun to pivot in response to worldwide decarbonization initiatives seem to be accelerating their efforts.
  • Digitalization, machine learning, and parsing of big data are being used to improve efficiency and return on assets.
  • Transmission & distribution are being modernized in response to aging infrastructure, two-way power flows and increased distributed generation.


Dawood has and is undertaking the following initiatives in response these trends:

  • Continue to develop state-of-the-art competencies to support our natural gas suppliers, who will remain a large component of electricity generation for some time
  • Build our electrical distribution engineering team to meet the demands of our clients
  • Enhance our GIS offerings to provide fast, transparent data for customer decision-making
  • Tailor our core competencies such as permitting, site development, survey and geotechnical analysis to the needs of a transforming oil & gas market and the renewable energy market
  • Leverage our diverse workforce to find fresh approaches


Dawood continues to grow and innovate to meet the increasing needs of our clients.  In addition, we are an NMSDC-Certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise.  What can we do for you today?


-Cindy Khalaf, PE – Director of Energy Services