COVID-19: We Are Safely Working

COVID19 has drastically altered the world we are living in. All of us have made sacrifices for the greater good while we do our part to stem the tide of this pandemic. I am extraordinarily proud of our team as we pivot to remain operational in the midst of this crisis.

We are working remotely to continue our clients’ projects and to remain on schedule, although we have closed physical locations in the states where Governors have mandated it. We are also continuing to work in the field for our clients deemed to be critical and life-sustaining businesses. While doing so, we are taking additional precautions, in compliance with CDC guidelines, to keep our team and the community safe and healthy.

We will get through this. While we do, we will keep supporting you, our valued clients, in every way that we can. When we do, we will be prepared to ramp up and work extra to make up lost time. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.