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A multi-disciplinary approach that has set us apart.

Dawood Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1992 to provide civil engineering services to clients. Since then, Dawood has developed into a multi-discipline design firm and has established offices in multiple states.

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27 years of experience
What we do

Our Core Services

Civil Engineering

Dawood Engineering's professionals practice site/civil, geotechnical, highway, traffic, structural, and mechanical design.

Surveying and Mapping

Our surveyors and geographic information systems specialists map the projects we design and the assets our clients operate using cutting edge technology.

Permitting and Design

Environmental permitting & remediation, regulatory compliance, and best management practices help our clients navigate today's complex regulatory environment.

Our Work

Markets We Work In



Civil Engineering & Site Design


Oil & Gas Engineering and Permitting


Engineering, Mapping, and Permitting
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